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About the IAM

The IAM is a large and diverse organization, representing nearly 730,000 active and retired members across North America. Each member makes a significant contribution to the success of the union.

The mission of the IAM Headquarters is to help individual members realize that potential. The departments of the IAM mirror the diversity of the members that form the union.

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Get in gear with the Machinists Union!

Do your friends and famliy members work for non-union private sector employers, federal sector employers, or service contract employers? Do they deserve a living wage, safe working conditions, overtime pay, medical benefits, and a voice on the job? Do them a favor and introduce them to your District 725 Organizers.

Contact District 725 Organizers:

Organizing Director: Brian Miller in San Diego (858)292-5150

Organizer: Calixto Tapia in Huntington Beach (714)898-9141

District 725 Organizing Committee:

Doug McNamara, Area 1 (619)422-5386

Joseph Solis, Area 2 (909)484-2004

Walter Melson Area 3 (714)898-9141

Tommy Roberson Area 4 (661)273-1433

David Brewer Area 5/6 (916)635-4710